At Numi Fitness and Wellbeing it is essential to us that your experiences match your expectations. One of Numi Fitness and Wellbeing objectives is to  assist our clients to find the right life balance through a holistic approach. We offer that personal care and service, and understand your needs and desires. Numi Fitness and Wellbeing focuses on 3 main components- Mind, Body and Nutrition.

We all seek a purpose in life, which the basic fundamentals are happiness and meaning. Its about finding a personal fulfilment and seeking a good life.

At Numi Fitness and Wellbeing we can help you along that journey by assisting you to find your values, your strengths and your place in the world. At the start of this journey exercise should be of high importance as its a great way to boost our immune system and metabolic rate. It can help improve heart health, increase mental focus and increase energy levels.

Numi Fitness and Wellbeing we look forward to meeting and assisting you on your journey.

At Numi Fitness and Wellbeing we offer:

– Pre-exercise health and fitness appraisals
– Exercise movement assessment and management
– Safe, effective and appropriate tailored exercise programs
– Basic healthy eating information and advice.

And we follow Best Practice protocols to enhance your exercise adherence through goal setting, motivation, guidance, social support and feedback