NUMI – Junior Cross Training

-Part of the “Lets get active” program is to encourage kids to engage in fun physical activities. The aim is to get kids mobile through a full range of functional body movements. The sessions involve all the fundamental bio-mechanical movements young one’s need for jumping, running, throwing, lifting, pushing and pulling while gaining strength, power, agility, speed, co-ordination and balance.

At Numi we are excited to introduce our new Junior Cross Training program. We teach children the fundamentals of motor-functions, sport skills, healthy-living, sportsmanship and teamwork. However, the most important benefit we offer is that children gain confidence and self-esteem.

All exercises and movements are taught by professionally trained staff. We change the workouts each session to alleviate boredom, the key is to create a fun and enjoyable experience.

ACTIVITIES include: activities and games that teach children running, dodging, hopping, skipping, landing, balance, rotation, throwing and catching.

Program and Costs

Juniors (ages 9 -14) – Tues, Thurs 4:00pm

Classes run for 30 minutes.

For further information and to reserve your place, please email Mandy,

Casual $9     per session                       

There is a discount for 2nd and subsequent children – Casual $15 for two kids