Let’s change up your workout routine with the Introduction of CROSS-TRAINING. A full body fitness program that consists of a mixture of aerobics, strength, agility and flexibility.

Mixing up and varying your workouts is more effective than one exercise group alone. By using different muscle groups, you reach a higher level of fitness and keep it interesting. At Numi Fitness and Wellbeing we can offer you a variety of workouts, classes and duration to suit your requirements. From high intensity to low impact. Weight training to aerobics. You decide your choice.

Cross-training is ideal and great for any level of fitness,

One of the most common mistakes people make with exercise is repeating the same routine week after week. To continue to improve your fitness level and reap all the benefits of regular exercise, you need to keep your body guessing.

Getting in shape, losing weight, and building muscle not only helps prevent certain medical conditions but are also a key part of treatment for diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and heart disease.

Staying fit during pregnancy is good for you and your baby. It may even make giving birth a bit easier with shorter labor. As you progress along in your pregnancy, you’ll likely have to change up some of your activities. With cross training, this is easy to do.

NUMI – Junior Cross Training

-Part of the “Lets get active” program is to encourage kids to engage in fun physical activities. The aim is to get kids mobile through a full range of functional body movements. The sessions involve all the fundamental bio-mechanical movements young one’s need for jumping, running, throwing, lifting, pushing and pulling while gaining strength, power, agility, speed, co-ordination and balance.

At Numi we are excited to introduce our new Junior Cross Training program. We teach children the fundamentals of motor-functions, sport skills, healthy-living, sportsmanship and teamwork. However, the most important benefit we offer is that children gain confidence and self-esteem.

All exercises and movements are taught by professionally trained staff. We change the workouts each session to alleviate boredom, the key is to create a fun and enjoyable experience.

ACTIVITIES include: activities and games that teach children running, dodging, hopping, skipping, landing, balance, rotation, throwing and catching.

Program and Costs

Juniors (ages 9 -14) – Thurs 3.30pm

Classes run for 30 minutes.

For further information and to reserve your place, please email Mandy, Mandy@numi.co.nz

Casual $9     per session                       

There is a discount for 2nd and subsequent children – Casual $15 for two kids