The first element in Numi Fitness and Wellbeing’s 30 Day journey program is THE MIND. (Not to be confused with the brain which is an organ of soft tissue.) The mind consists of a set of cognitive functions which allow us to receive, store, transform, develop and recover information. It is responsible for processing feelings and emotions resulting in attitude and behaviours.

Whatever its nature it is generally agreed that the mind enables an individual to have subjective awareness. This recognises and responds to factors around us.

There are 3 states of the mind according to Freud.

The Conscious: What we are aware of at any particular point in time.

The Preconscious: Information that is just below the surface of awareness. It can be retrieved with relative ease and can usually be thought of as a memory or recollection.

The Unconscious: Contains thoughts, memories and desires that are buried deep within us. Even though we are not aware of their existence they exert great influence on our behaviour.

All of these states contribute to forming habits. New studies have found that it takes an average of 66 days to break a habit.
At Numi we will encourage and motivate you to break bad habits and form new ones in the sector of Fitness and Wellbeing.