Summer Slim-Down

There are 7 weeks until Christmas, with this in mind Numi Fitness and Wellbeing has created the Summer Slim-Down. This program was developed to inspire and motivate individuals to get fit and active through exercise, and encourage and reinforce them to make healthy eating choices. Throughout the weeks by following this regime you will naturally loss inches and weight.

This program has been developed to assist an individual to reach their achievable fitness and weight loss goals. Over a 7-week period, we will encourage you to attend 3 or more workout sessions or classes. These workouts have been designed to increase and improve your level of fitness, while increasing your cardiovascular system, strength and building a strong core. It is a well known fact that exercise improves health and mental agility.

The program consists of a minimum of 21 workouts or classes over a 7-week period. On each visit there will be two new workout challenges at the end of the session, as well as helpful informative health and fitness literature to read.

Numi Fitness and Wellbeing will also provide guidance on healthy eating choices and advise on a nutritional meals and snacks.